Last of the Seattle photos finally uploaded

I’ve been putting them off with a million reasons: getting a new job, still unpacking, visiting my mother (whom I only saw once the past three years), etc. But now I have a great job*, and the unpacking has slowed a little since the house is now habitable.

Robin Redbreast

Crows through back door

Maple seed close-up


Rhodedendron in rain

Spotted towhee takes flight

*Update: the “great job” ended up not happening. Chickens, unhatched, counted…


Now that I’m no longer with Memory Lane/Classmates, I no longer have photo opportunities on my bus commute, over Elliott Bay, etc. I’ve finally uploaded the last of those to Flickr. Here are some highlights:

Crow attacks Bald Eagle, from my window at work:
Eagle, seagull, crow

Canada Geese, from my window at work:
Canada geese

Seagull, head-on, from the bus:
Seagull, head-on

Seagull on train, from my window at work:
Seagull on train, take two

My old cube. When we moved I went from an office to a cube, but this view, and the neighborhood, was a complete joy.
My old cube