Mediterranean Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus)

This young lizard was about 2.5″ long, hiding from the noonday sun under a flowerpot when I disturbed him. He or she was kind enough to wait on the wall while I got my camera.
Mediterranean Gecko

common name Mediterranean Gecko
domain Eukaryota
kingdom Animalia
phylum Chordata; subphylum Vertebrata
class Reptilia, subclass Diapsida
order Squamata, suborder Sauria, infraorder Gekkota
family Gekkonidae
genus Hemidactylus
species turcicus, subspecies turcicus
location Central Texas
IUCN status Least concern
Extremely local species are itemized species seen at our homes: on the actual property, or in the air above it. (Across the street doesn’t count!) I began by itemizing species seen at our house in Copperas Cove, Texas, and later expanded the project to include our home in Renton, Washington.

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