Good blog from founder on IxDA Sturm und Drang

Off-site comment capture of the moment:

David Malouf, one of the founders of IxDA (the Interaction Design Association), has heard a lot of grief about a recent site redesign. He shared his thoughts on the subject in an open letter . Definitely worth reading.

My comment:

Personally, I see great improvement in the new site. I wasn’t able to contribute to it myself, but I’m impressed at what was done through donated, as-possible time by many people.

I think a lot of the hostility is probably misdirected energy from the economy, a lack of empowerment at work, a need to set themselves apart in the job market, etc. Sadly, it’s always easier to put down another’s work and show “expertise” with criticism, rather than to do something well yourself. (This is not to say that criticism isn’t a valid skill, just that when it exists in a vacuum it’s not very helpful.)

What about raising funds via IxDA-backed training? Leverage local IxDA members to provide reliable training in specific areas. IxDA sets the standards and accepts the payments; the trainer gets the street cred of IxDA backing, and half the money (via PayPal or whatever).

I’ll volunteer to author/present on how taxonomy affects interaction design :–)

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