Field guide entry, Alex O’Neal


genus, species: Homo sapiens*     family: Hominidae     order: Primates     class: Mammalia     phylum: Chordata     kingdom: Animalia


identification aide for field guide entry, Alex O'Neal

Field marks

  • Brown-black hair; occasionally red
  • Red shoes (shade varies, but color is constant)
  • Backpack, laptop, books


IUCN Status: Least concern.

Alex can be seen in the wild in the Austin area, working on her laptop to optimize user experience wherever she can. Occasionally she leaves off work to forage for books or good food, or play with her dog.

Alex shares den space with her philosopher husband and various members of species Canis lupus familiaris and Felis catus.


Green areas are previous or existing habitats; dark teal areas are Alex’s known range.

Range, habitat for Alex O'Neal

Welcome to the alexfiles, the personal site of Alex O’Neal (that’s me!). I’m a user experience architect, with expertise in information architecture and usability, SEO (search) and semantic design, front-end web development, taxonomies (a hobby since 1988), cognitive science, and of course visual information design. Here you will find essays, artwork, poetry, jewelry, reviews, photographs, Freudian dream interpretation, local fauna, and much more.

Since 1999, has been my primary channel for online self-expression, but there are other places I contribute or participate regularly. Some include:

*Species definition sapiens occasionally in question.


  1. UnknownFromToronto says:

    Good day and hope this finds you and yours, in health and good cheer. I came here due to the “Cannot vs Can not” article, and was greatly pleased to see the art of communication, appreciated in such a manner. Do keep up the good work, please and thank you, and, a good day to you both. (btw sorry for any mistakes, just wanted to give a sincere thanks and kudos, cheers!!!)

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